12 Steps to React with Hand Gestures on Mac

By Last Updated: January 16, 2024
Gestures on Mac

We love reacting in our daily lives. Several digital platforms and devices comprehend the importance of reactions. Apple, a world-renowned electronics brand, comprehends it better. Hence, they have included hand gesture reactions in Mack computers with macOS Sonoma operating systems. Through FaceTime, hand gesture reactions are already available on iPhones and iPads with iOS 12 or later.  

Follow the Steps to React with Hand Gestures on the Mac 

Step 1: Check the operating system of your Mac desktop or laptop. For this, tap on the Apple icon in the left/right top corner of your screen, and then on About this Mac. Check on Chip as you see a pop-up of a small window. You are ready to go ahead if the supporting machine has M1 or M2. Now, click on More Info in the same window to check whether your Mac has macOS Sonoma. Update your operating system if it is not macOS Sonoma. The use of the Continuity Camera feature on Mac can help you react with hand gestures if your Mac operating system does not support this feature.

Step 2: Keep your face and body away from the camera and make right-hand gestures in front of the camera. Further, hold a gesture for a while.

Step 3: Turn the Reactions feature on or off. For this, go to the Video menu, choose Reactions, and wait until a menu bar appears during a video call.

Step 4: Tap on the arrow mark, which is next to Reactions in the menu bar, and then on a reaction button under a submenu if you want to show a reaction without using your hands.

Step 5: For showing red hearts, use both hands and make a heart shape or tap on the Hearts buttons in the submenu of Reactions.

heart hand gestures

Step 6: For showing balloons, make a victory sign with the use of the index and middle fingers of your right hand. Otherwise, you can click on the Balloons button.

victory sign

Step 7: For showing off a Thumb Up emoji, hold the thumb of your right or left hand. You can tap on the Thumbs Up button if you do not want to use your hand gesture for this.

thumbs up

Step 8: For Showing Thumbs Down, hold the thumb of your right or left hand down. Otherwise, click on the Thumbs Down option in the submenu.

single thumb down

Step 9: For showing stormy rain, hold down the thumbs of your right and left hands together. Or you can tap on the Rain option.

thumbs down

Step 10: For showing Confetti, make victory signs by using the index and middle fingers of both hands together. If not willing to use your hands, tap on the Confetti option in the submenu.

victory signs

Step 11: For showing fireworks, hold both of your thumbs up at a time. Otherwise, click the Fireworks icon in the submenu options.

two thumbs up

Step 12: For showing lasers, make a sign of horns on both hands by using the index and middle fingers and placing the thumb close to the middle finger on each hand. Or, tap on the Lasers option under the submenu of Reactions.  

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