Tech Hobit Terms of Use

Tech Hobit is your trusted platform/place for simple solutions to your daily to specific technical glitches. Before you start browsing our pages or searching for a technical solution for your problem on our blogging site, you should know the respective rules & regulations. Our Terms of Use are designed to have an enjoyable and smooth experience for everyone in our community, Tech Hobit community.  

Acceptance of Terms 

By using or accessing Tech Hobit website, you agree with our Terms of Use. If you have any issue or do not agree with our Terms of Use or any part of it, we are sorry to say stop accessing or using our website. Here, you must end your journey with Tech Hobit. 

Content Ownership      

Tech Hobit is an abode of tech content. We are very excited to know you are here on our site to explore solutions to your technical problems. However, we request you to keep in mind that the content in its all forms (texts, images, audios, videos, etc.) belongs to Tech Hobit or its team members. So, do not swipe the content without our permission.  

User Conduct 

At Tech Hobit, we trust in a respectful and friendly community. Please, be cool whenever you interact with us through your shares, comments, or any other means. There is no place for trolling, virtual fistfights, and hate speech at this site. We all are here to learn and grow. 

Your Registration and Account Security 

You may need to create an account with us to access Tech Hobit website fully. We request you to keep your login details, such as user name and password, safe and log out from the website as you stop using it. Let us know if you suspect any bad things with your account details. We will sort it out and keep your journey with us safe and secure.

Age Limitations 

Our blogging site is open for people of all age groups facing technical issues. We are sorry if you are under 13 and encourage you to access our platform and implement specific solutions under the guidance of your parents or guardian.  

Intellectual Property and Copyright

You should respect the intellectual property rights and copyrights of others. Avoid posting anything that does not relate to you without having the respective legal right. Please, keep this platform fair. 

Third-Party Links

You may come across some third-party links on our website, These links could be extra tech goodness or ads. We cannot guarantee the safety of your data if you click on those links. So, we request you be very careful while clicking on the third-party links you see on our site.

Updates on Our Terms of Use  

To keep us aligned with the changing tech landscape, we may change, modify, or update our Terms of Use from time to time. We will notify you as we make any changes to it. It is always advisable for you to keep visiting this page now and then.

Access Termination 

To keep accessing our tech blog, you need to follow our Terms of Use. We could show you the exit door if you violate these terms. At Tech Hobit, we hope it will not come. However, we give top priority to have a respectful and smooth community. And for this, we might terminate your access to this community.   


We ensure that we do our best to keep our blog updated and provide updated information for a technical issue. The tech world is a tricky place. Hence, we at Tech Hobit are not liable for any tech misinformation, hiccups, or glitches. We request you to double-check and act wisely. 

Get in Touch with Us  

We are open to hearing from all our community members. Send your feedback, concerns, or suggestions if you have. We will address your concerns and implement your suggestions or feedback if we find they are helpful for improving our website performance. You can email us at [email protected]