How To FaceTime On Android Phone Or Tablet

By Last Updated: January 3, 2024

FaceTime is a type of app or application that allows users to make audio and video calls on iOS devices from Apple. Launched in 2010 for iPhone and in 2011 for Mac, this app allows users to make audio and video calls to anyone on a compatible device. For this, they (users) need to have an email address or phone number attached to Apple ID. 

FaceTime is only for iPhone, iPad, or Mac users, but not for Android device users. However, a user with an iOS 15, macOS Monterey or iPadOS15 can invite others to join FaceTime Call. For this, a user needs to create a link and send the link to the person whom they want to join the FaceTime Call. The invitee needs to open the link on a web browser such as Opera, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.  

Can I Use FaceTime on My Android Phone or Tablet?    

Yes, you can. However, you need to get a web link from users of iPhone or iPad with iOS 15 or MacBook with macOS Monterey. Initially, Apple had complete control over its devices. After the launch of iOS15 and macOS Monterey, Apple offers an option to use this calling app on devices with Windows, Android, and other operating systems.  

From September 2021, this audio and video calling app is available on Android. However, as an Android device user, you cannot find this app on Google Play Store or other app stores to download it on your smartphone or tablet. You can use this app only when an iPhone, iPad, or Mac user creates and sends a web link. And by opening the link, you can join the call, but cannot start a session. 

Instead of FaceTime, you have several options for audio & video calls, and file sharing.  These options are WhatsApp, Google Meet (Google Duo), Skype, Zoom, etc.  

FaceTime on Android   

As an iPhone, iPad, or Mac user, you can create and send a link to an Android user to join a FaceTime call. For creating and sending the web link, 

  • Go to the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad to open it. After that, click on create the link option.
  • Click on Add Name when you see a mini screen under the FaceTime link. 
  • Name the link you have just created and click on OK to save the link.

create link facetime

  • Choose where you want to share this link in the mini screen. Otherwise, you can copy the saved link and paste it where you want to send the same. 
  • Alter the text message (as per your wish) that the FaceTime app has automatically composed. 
  • Click on send when you are done. 
  • Click on the green link to make your invitee open the link to join a call. 

Join a FaceTime Call on Android  

  • Tap on the FaceTime call link to open in your default web browser as you receive it. 

join facetime

  • Click on Allow as the link requests you to produce permission for the use of your microphone and camera. 
  • Tap on Continue after typing your name in the right option that is on your screen. 
  • Click on Join to ask for permission for your participation as you see the FaceTime call screen on your device. 
  • Wait for receiving the permission from the person who sent the link to you. Join the call as you receive the requested permission.