What Camera Do Youtubers Use

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

There is no doubt that YouTube is the best platform when it comes to making or watching videos. As per a report, this video platform has more than two billion active users in a month, and there are millions of Youtubers, video creators across the world. 

After knowing the potential earning and lifestyle of a YouTuber, you decide to have your own channel on YouTube where you can upload the videos you will create. Whether your channel is tutorial, blogging, gaming, or something else, you need a good camera to create videos. In this regard, most of you love to know about cameras that YouTubers use. 

It is not easy to mention what cameras youtubers use, as they differ from each other in terms of their content need, channel type, etc. So, it is good for you to know the types of cameras available on the market and how to pick the ideal one. First of all, know how to choose the right camera. 

Select the Best Camera for Creating Videos for Your YouTube Channel 

When you search for an ideal camera, you will come across numerous options. And you need to choose the best one from the available options. Here are a few steps that you can follow to select an ideal camera for creating videos for your YouTube Channel:

  • Know your content type – You must have an idea about what you are going to shoot/capture. Further, know what your exact requirements are for a camera and find out that a camera you are willing to buy can help you shoot a scene in a low light, with fast action, or enable you to take wide-angle shots. Furthermore, find out whether a camera will help you capture live streams or record longer videos and record audio of high-quality.    
  • Be familiar with your style – You should have an idea about the way you want to show off yourself and your content when someone watches your video on YouTube. Make it clear whether you want to look casual or professional, realistic or cinematic, and simplicity or creative control.      
  • Decide your budget – It is crucial for you to decide how much money you want to spend on the purchase of a camera. Make it clear too whether you are ready to bear the expenses for extra accessories like memory cards, batteries, lights, tripods, and lenses or not. Further, decide you need a low-end camera or a high-end camera. By keeping all these in mind, you can easily decide a budget for buying an ideal camera for you.  

Know the Differences Between the Camera Types 

Usually, you will come across four types of cameras for Youtubers. Have a look at the types of camera available with their pros and cons. 

Camera type  Pros Cons
DSLR Camera (For instance – Sony A77 II, Panasonic GH5 Mark II, and Canon EOS R10) Superior image quality in low light 

Fast autofocus and constant shooting 

Extensive array of lens options

Enough battery life and storage 

Viewfinder for the real-time and clear view of a scene 

Costly and require extra accessories

Hard to carry with due to their heavy weight 

Complex setting and require a steep learning curve

Mirrorless Camera (examples – Sony A7S III, Nikon Z 5, and Fujifilm X-S10) Smaller and lighter lenses

Compact design and lightweight 

No noise at the time of shooting due to less accessories 

Better picture in dark or low light 

Different options for taking portrait, landscapes, and sports photographs   

Short battery life

Lack of lenses to choose the right one

No view on the screen as per the exact brightness and colors of a scene

Compact camera (examples – Fujifilm X100V, Sony ZV-1, and Panasonic Lumix LX100 II) Budget-friendly

Easy to carry and use 

Automatic shooting 

Fast startup time 

Several zoom ranges

No swap of the lens 

No capture of clear or sharp pictures 

Buttons may be hard to see or press 

Webcam Simple and intuitive interface 

Superb video quality 

Powerful video recording 

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