Apple Won’t Make You Pay for Satellite SOS Just Yet

By Last Updated: November 24, 2023

At the time of launch on 15 November 2022, the iPhone 14 had a unique feature, Emergency satellite SOS. According to the announcement at the time of its launch, the satellite’s SOS feature was free for only two years through sign-up. It means ‌iPhone 14 users would have to pay for the satellite SOS feature after the 15th of November 2024. Now, as per a report published in Apple’s newsroom on 15 November 2023, users can avail this emergency feature for one more year. It means the iPhone 14 users need not to pay any charge for this emergency service till November 2025.  

Satellite SOS Service – What Is It?

The Satellite SOS Service allows users to have easy and fast communication with emergency service providers through satellite. It helps save a life. Apart from the iPhone 14, this service is also available for the iPhone 15 and 16 models that are in line-up to launch in several countries across the world. Due to the latest extension news from Apple, the service signed up will expire for the whole family in 2025 if the company does not make another extension. 

It means users of an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, or iPhone Pro Max can activate the emergency SOS service if they are not using it. The activation will help them get this service at free of cost for one more year. Users can avail this service without any hassle till November 2025.   

Apple’s Service Charges

Many iPhone users are not aware of Apple’s plans to charge for the service. As per the earlier announcement, especially at launch time, Apple said that iPhone 14 and 15 users would receive trial satellite connectivity with a monthly or yearly subscription fee. More than two years have gone by. And the company has not decided the pricing plan yet.  

The Emergency Satellite SOS allows users to make an emergency call or send an emergency message for a required help in terms of health, fire, etc. There is no need for a cellular signal or wifi network to make an emergency call or send an emergency message. This facility is available in more than 16 countries across the globe. It allows you to update your location with the help of the Find My app.