How to Share Wi-Fi Between Chromebook and Android

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

Google is trying its best to remove the gap between its Android smartphones, Chromebooks, and other devices. Bridging the gap will help the company build its own ecosystem. For instance, you can access and view your photos from an Android phone on your Chromebook with a single click. Further, you can view notifications and reply messages on your Chromebook that come on your Android phone or tablet. And it is possible to share WiFi networks between your devices. 

Be Aware of Essential Needs Before You Move to Connect Your Android Device to Your Chromebook

You can easily establish a connect or share wi-fi network between your Chromebook and Android phone or tablet. This connection or sharing has some special requirements that you should know. Here are some basic requirements:

  • A Chromebook with ChromeOS version 71 or later. 
  • Your smartphone or tablet must have Android 8.1 or later. 
  • A Google account that you use for login on both devices. 
  • A Chromebook with an instant tethering feature.    

How to Share Wi-Fi between Your Chromebook and Android Phone

There are two most common ways to share wi-fi between Chromebook and Android phone. The ways are as follows:

  1. Establish a connection between your Chromebook and Android phone

  • Choose the time that is at the bottom right on your Chromebook. 
  • Go to the Settings app. 
  • Choose Set up that is next to the Android phone tab under Connected Devices. 
  • Type the password and follow the on-screen steps. You will have a confirmation notification on your Android phone as you complete the setup process. 
  • Choose what features you are willing to turn on. The features option will be under Enabled on your PC with ChromeOS.  
  1. Share your phone’s data or hotspot with your Chromebook

  • Click on the Bluetooth tab to turn it on your Android phone. 
  • Choose the time at the bottom right of your Chromebook. 
  • Choose either No network or your WiFi network. 
  • Tap on your Phone under Mobile Data. Your phone starts sharing its data connection with the Chromebook as you notice the message, Connected, on your phone screen.