How to Connect a Wireless Mouse to a Chromebook

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

The keypad of a Chromebook is a little sluggish. Due to which, some of you face difficulties in using your Chromebook and producing ‌optimum performance in your regular or freelance job. You can get rid of this issue by connecting a mouse to your Chromebook.

When it comes to connecting a mouse to a PC like Chromebook, you have two options – wired and wireless mouses. Most of you love to use a wireless mouse due to its easy-to-use features. A wireless mouse is also of two types – Bluetooth Mouse and Radio Frequency Mouse (RF Mouse). 

A Bluetooth Mouse is the one that gets connected to your PC through Bluetooth protocol and does not need any USB receiver. On the other hand, the RF mouse uses a radio transmitter in the mouse and a USB receiver that is ported into your device to work. Both types of mouses are ideal for your Chromebook as its latest models have both connecting features. 

How to Connect a Bluetooth Mouse to a Chromebook  

  • Find the power button by turning up or down your Bluetooth mouse. Turn the power button on. There is a red or light of other color when it is on. 

  • Go to the lower right corner of your Chromebook and click on the taskbar and choose the Bluetooth icon there.

  • Toggle the icon to turn the Bluetooth of your PC on. Your Chromebook gets active and you will see a few discovered devices and Bluetooth devices. 


  • Click on Pair or Connect as you see your Bluetooth Mouse icon/name on your laptop. You will notice the pointing icon on your laptop screen as the mouse is connected to it.   

How to Connect a Radio-Frequency Mouse to a Chromebook 

  • Be sure that your RF mouse is compatible with your Chromebook.  

  • Get the receiver (USB receiver) that comes with the mouse. 
  • Connect this small USB receiver to your Chromebook by plugging it into the USB port. 

  • Turn on the power button of your RF Mouse after finding it. 

  • Ensure it has an ideal battery inside it. 

  • Start using the mouse as you see a pointer on your laptop screen.