How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Android Phone

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

You read the text messages that you receive on your Android phone or tablet. After reading, you keep the important messages in the Messages app of your device and delete the ones that are useless for you. While going through text messages, you delete some text messages accidentally or unwillingly. You regret yourself especially when you know that you have deleted important text messages. 

Retrieving the deleted messages can help you restore the important one. You can retrieve the deleted valuable text messages with Backup, without Backup, with a third-party app, or with a PC. Keep reading this post to know those ways. 

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android Device with Backup

  • Tap on your Android phone’s Settings app to open it. 
  • Scroll down the options displayed on your Android device’s screen and click on the option, Google Services
  • Click on Backup. 
  • Have a close look at the screen to know when you did the last backup. 
  • Move to do a factory reset as you see the last Backup session/time.
  • To factory reset, follow the steps Settings > System > Restore Options > Erase all data. You may need to enter a PIN, do Finger Tip, or draw a pattern. 
  • Select an option from the last Backup time/session options to restart your Android device. 
  • Set your device using the same Google account. After that, your device will have the data and deleted text messages.   

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android Device without Backup

You can retrieve the deleted text messages even if you have not set up Backup of your data in Google or your phone cloud while setting your phone after its purchase. The steps you have to follow for the retrieval of deleted messages are as follows:

  • Go to the Trash Folder or Recycle Bin on your Android smartphone or tablet. Such a folder or app keeps the deleted data for a month. You can restore the important text messages by selecting the same and clicking on the Restore option. 
  • Get in touch with the customer care executive of your mobile network service provider and request them to help you in retrieving the data you deleted or lost on a particular date/day. The executive can help you. However, it may be lengthy and may not work for you in some cases.  

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android Device with a Third-Party App

On an app store, such as Google Play, you can come across several apps that can assist you to retrieve the deleted text messages on your Android phone. Follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Choose a third-party app like Recover Deleted Messages from Google Play. 
  • Download the selected third-party app. 
  • Install it as the downloading comes to an end.  
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your device’s screen to complete the installation.
  • Open the app to restore your data. You may need to follow some specific guidelines appearing on your device screen. 
  • Click on Done as the retrieving of your deleted messages/data comes to an end. 

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Android Device with a PC 

You need a Message Recovery Program, such as FoneDog, to retrieve your deleted text message on your Android phone with a PC. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to your personal computer. 
  • Click on FoneDog toolkit – Android Data Recovery that you have installed on your laptop or desktop. Open it to run it. 
  • Go to Settings > About Phone after opening your Android device. 
  • Tap on the Build Number option seven times and click on the Back tab/option.    
  • Choose the Developer Option, which is available in the pop-out menu. 
  • Choose USB Debugging after turning on Developer Options. 
  • Enable USB Debugging. 
  • Select the text messages you want to recover/restore.
  • Tap on Scan to scan the deleted text messages/data.  
  • Click on Recover as the scanning of the deleted messages/data is complete.