Microsoft Rebrands Bing Chat to Copilot. What You Should Know Now

By Last Updated: November 23, 2023

At ‌Microsoft Ignite 2023, the company, Microsoft, made an announcement on its rebranding of Bing Chat to Copilot. According to the announcement, Bing Chat is now Copilot. 

It was February 2023 when Microsoft introduced the Bing Chat, which is backed by the ChatGPT 4 language model of Open AI. It was with the Bing search engine. After 10 months of its launch, Microsoft has changed the name – Bing Chat to Copilot. Now, Copilot is an AI companion for users of Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft 365. It has new features along with the features of Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise. 

What is Copilot in Bing?   

Copilot is an AI-backed personal planner and research assistant. It is also a creative partner for you. It helps you get a helpful response when you make a search on the internet, especially with the Microsoft Edge. Copilot replies in an easy-to-comprehend language when you ask or produce a complex question to it. The reply or answer is almost true and accurate. It is as Copilot goes through a lot of searches and summarizes your queries with the source links. It can help you to write stories & poems, get answers to your questions, or create a new image for your business brand. 

How is Copilot Different from a Regular Search Engine?  

Copilot world with the existing Bing search experience. It gives you a new search experience for a topic or around the same. It produces a list of respective links and mentions only trusted sources to give you a single and concise answer for your query. When it comes to searching, it searches in a natural way. And the way is similar to how you think, talk, and text. You can get follow-up questions while chatting naturally with it. 

How can I get The Best Use of Copilot?

To get the best use out of this new Bing Chat, you should ask questions in a way you talk to a person standing before you. Here are more tips to get the best output from Copilot:

  • Produce complete details around your query/ies. 
  • Request ‌tips, tricks or suggestions directly with questions like Can you help me with an X topic, what you can do, and what you cannot do.
  • Verify the response as you get. It is essential for you as it can produce inaccurate or unexpected results. Must do it before you make a decision.     

What is the Process of Response Generation?

As you type your query in the search bar of Copilot, it searches for numerous relevant texts on the internet/web. After that, it generates helpful responses. It produces reliable resource links so that you can go through them for verifying the generated response. 

What to Do When Copilot Produces Offensive or Unexpected Text/Response?

Copilot tries its best to produce helpful, relevant, and factual texts, images, or tips. However, it could make mistakes as it is in experiential mode. You need to report or dislike the response as you find it offensive, unexpected, or inaccurate.   

How do I Use Copilot?

You can use Copilot by clicking on its icon that is on the right side of the Microsoft Edge web browser. 

What is new with Copilot?

After rebranding from Bing Chant to Copilot, it is a new home for chatting, has a minor makeover (mainly in the home screen), and offers better security to users and businesses.