Microsoft 365 E3 Original with Extra Features and Licenses

By Last Updated: November 2, 2023

Are you willing to change your Microsoft plan or in search of a Microsoft suite that can offer you sophisticated voice capabilities, email, BI, security, and compliance? Microsoft 365 E3 Original is an ideal option for you. Apart from producing the access to the full Office suite, Microsoft 365 E3 enables you to have application management, advanced emails, and online conferencing. It means you have no geographical barrier in the execution of your work on the go. 

As you buy Microsoft 365 E3 Original plan, you will have the full license to install all the applications of Office 365 like Outlook, MS Word, OneNote, Excel, and Publisher on your Windows PC. You can access this plan on a Mac computer too. As per your license, you can access it for up to 5 desktops, 5 smartphones, and 5 tablets. Before exploring the extra features and licenses of Microsoft 365 E3, you should know why you should have it.   

Why Microsoft 365 E3 Original for Your Business or Company?

If your organization relies on digital tools, the E3 license is a good choice. It provides benefits like email archiving, unlimited storage on OneDrive, and protection for your information. Further, it provides tools to prevent data loss, rights management, and tools for ensuring compliance on a monthly basis.

The E3 suite includes popular software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more. It also offers services like Outlook for email, Skype for Business for instant messaging and video conferencing, SharePoint for collaboration, and Teams for team communication. You will also get features like Yammer for social networking, encryption, data loss protection, and rights management.

With E3, you get a comprehensive Office experience. For example, Office 365 ProPlus helps IT admins and information officers meet compliance requirements, and you can use reporting functions to do so. There’s also an add-on called Power BI desktop for better collaboration. Another unique feature in the Enterprise range is Microsoft Stream, which is like an internal video-sharing website for your organization. It’s available with SharePoint Online in Office 365.  

Key Features of Microsoft 365 E3 Original 

Microsoft Office 365 comes with several features and benefits. Here are some key features for your knowledge:

  • Microsoft Stream – As a sophisticated video solution platform, you can use it for enterprise video creation. It is improved in terms of features of Office 365 Video that comes up with in-built transcription capabilities for publishing internal videos. 
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure makes your computer a host of all powers on a single central server. It is the desktop virtualization form and delivered through a network to clients’ end and particular desktop images run within VMs (virtual machines).
  • Compliance Manager – It helps you in task assignments to ensure your data is under the regulations of popular compliance policies such as GDPR. 
  • Exchange Online Archiving – With the archive mailbox feature, it makes you have sophisticated archiving capabilities. As a specific mailbox, an archive mailbox prevails with your primary mailbox folders in Outlook on web or in Outlook. You can access it similar to your primary mailbox. In addition, you can search for both primary and archive mailboxes. It is available within the Microsoft 365 E3 package. So, avoid paying extra for this feature.    
  • Kaizala Pro – As a phone-number based secure chat app, it helps you have coordination and secure connection at work across your network. You can call it WhatsApp for business as it allows your staff to communicate with each other over a chat and avoid the usage of unmanaged services like AppleiMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. 

Apart from the above, you can get Microsoft MyAnalytics, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Expand Compliance & Security, and In Place Hold and Litigation Hold. Other features that you can get with your Microsoft 365 E3 are Customer Lockbox and Exchange Online Protection. 

Extra Features of Microsoft 365 E3 Original 

You will the following features as Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features with your new Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise License:

  • Microsoft Clipchamp – As a video editing tool, it allows you to make videos for your organization needs. To use it, you do not need to have prior experience in video creation and editing. 
  • Microsoft Loop – Working as a co-creation app, it allows your team members to bring everything related to a project in a single place and facilitates them in collaboration with each other across the devices and apps they have already been using. 
  • Bing Chat Enterprise – It is an AI-backed copilot and protects your business data. Further, it makes you sure that your personal as well as organization data is safe and will not have any vulnerabilities outside your company. It ensures you that your business data will not be used to train a large language or AI model.
  • Windows Autopatch – As a service, it helps you automate and manage your Microsoft Teams, Windows 10, Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Edge software updates.  
  • Avatars for Teams – It allows you or your team members to have customized avatars for Teams meetings. With these personalized avatars, your team members can easily express their style, appearance, and mood for a particular day. 

Assignment of Extra Features and Licenses of Microsoft 365 E3 Original to Team Members

You need to assign a license to your team members or employees if you want to use Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features. To improve the experience of Microsoft 365 for your employees, you should assign a respective license to them as soon as possible for you. Here are three ways to assign Microsoft 365 E3 Licenses:

  • Go to the Microsoft 365 admin center 
  • Use user accounts with PowerShell
  • Select group membership in Microsoft Entra ID