How To Turn Off iPhone 13

By Last Updated: December 4, 2023

Apple released the very first version of an iPhone on the 29th of July in 2007. After that, the company comes up with a new version of the iPhone almost every year. At present, iPhone 15, 16, and 17 are available in the market. And people are using them as per their choice and need. However, there are some people who are still using iPhone 13 that was initially released in 2019 and came with the updated version in September 2020. 

You could be one of iPhone 13 users if you would have not bought the latest one. After using it for a certain time, your iPhone could have some performance issues. And you need to turn your iPhone 13 off to resolve the issues. You can have problems/difficulties, especially when you did it a long time ago or you are a new user. Know here how you can turn off your iPhone 13. 

  • Use Face ID to turn off your iPhone 13. Hold either the volume button or the side button after pressing it. Keep holding it until you see the slider on your device screen. Have a look at your screen. After that, drag the Power Off slider.  

  • Go to the app – Settings. After that, tap on General and choose the option, Shut Down. Tap on this option and drag the slider as it appears on your device screen. Your iPhone 13 will get turned off.  

  • Open the Settings app, go to the Shut Down option, and drag the slider to turn off your device. This applies to iPhone of all models/versions. 

  • To turn on your iPhone, simply hold the side button after pressing it. Keep holding it until you see the Apple logo on the screen of your iPhone.