What You Need to Know About Google’s New Titan Security Key

By Last Updated: November 24, 2023

New York City hosted the Aspen Cyber Summit on 15 November 2023. During the summit, Google launched a New Titan Security Key and said that they would distribute 100 000 of these new security keys to high-risk users across the globe at free of cost. This distribution will start in the early days of 2024 and continue throughout the year. The key is available at Google Play Store. 

While launching it at the summit, Google said, “We’re excited about the potential of passkeys, but know there’s no security silver bullet for everyone. Some people require a solution not dependent on smartphones or use devices that don’t support passkeys — everyone has different approaches to security, but we all share one goal: stop attacks. That’s why we intentionally designed the latest Titan Security Keys to encompass the secure cryptography of passkeys on a portable piece of hardware.”  

What is Google’s New Titan Security Key? 

As a phishing protection two-factor authentication tool, Google’s New Titan Security Key is compatible with several apps. It helps users store, save, and protect their security keys. After receiving authentication from both sides, it starts working and allows users to access it. This new security key provides the strongest account protection, has a trusted hardware chip, and carries extensive support.  

Why has Google Launched the New Titan Security Key?

In today’s digital world, there are numerous security threats. And stolen passwords are one of them. It was 2018 when Google introduced the Titan Security Key for the first time with the aim of protection against bad actors and phishing attacks. People at Google think that getting rid of passwords will stop the risks of password stealing. By keeping this in mind, Google introduced passkeys and started offering support for the same from the beginning of this year, 2023. As these passkeys rely on cryptography and FIDO2 credentials, passkeys are a safer way to log into your Google accounts. You can securely confirm that it is you who are using your Google account. 

Key Features of Google’s New Titan Security Key

The New Titan Security Key has many exciting features. Here are some of them for your reference:

  • Phishing-Resistant Two-Factor Authentication – The new security key produces cryptographic proof to make sure that a user is accessing the right service. And the service holds registration with their original security keys.   
  • Tamper-proof hardware – The security key has a hardware chip and firmware that Google has developed. This chip facilitates to verify whether anyone has tempered the keys or not. It is away from physical damages and aims to extract secret key and firmware material safely. 
  • Several form factors that make sure its compatibility with other devices – Google offers its New Titan Security Key in 2 form factors that are USB-C/NFC and USB-A/NFC.  
  • Available as an in-built device with the latest Pixel phones – The latest Pixel phones have an in-built New Titan Security Key that helps users to access their Google accounts safely. This feature is available with Google Pixel 3 phones.  
  • Compatible with many applications and services –  As a user, you can use New Titan Security Key to authenticate to Google Cloud, Google, and several allied services of FIDO standards.  
  • Aligned with the Advanced Protection Program of Google – This new security key is highly compatible with Google’s Advanced Protection Plan that assists a person to protect their personal and Google accounts from any targeted attacks or cyber crimes.  

Availability of New Titan Security Key

At present, this new security key with all its features is available in the US, Spain, the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, Austria, France, and Switzerland. Users can avail it from Google Play Store or the official website.