What To Know About The New Organization Features Of Google Photos

By Last Updated: November 24, 2023

All of you, Google and Android users, will be familiar with the Google Photos app. Yeah, it is an abode of your memories. However, have you ever thought that your device’s gallery could get cluttered with several screenshots, many photos of a single moment, and the documents you stored for future usage? 

Not yet! Google is going to help you keep your gallery organized by rolling out two new features to its Photos app that you can use on an Android device or PC while accessing Google accounts. With the help of new AI-backed features, you can put similar photos together in a single folder and optimize your documents and screenshots into useful albums. It will facilitate you to find certain photos, documents, and screenshots easily with less effort.

Photo Stacks for Grouping Similar Photos  

Usually, you make several attempts to get the right capture/photo whether you are clicking a group photo or a beautiful natural scene. You know the extra clicked images or snaps can consume your space and make your device’s gallery cluttered. With the roll out of AI-backed features, Google Photos will identify and categorize the photos clicked to capture a single moment at a time on a particular day. The categorized similar images will go to Photo Stacks and the AI will choose the best images for that moment and show the same at the top. As a user, you will have the right to select your best pick, turn off the Photos Stacks, or adjust the stacks as per your choice.  

Improved Accessibility of Screenshots and Documents

For quick future reference, your screenshots should be handy for you. However, they can be a mesh for your device’s gallery and can make you go back again and again to find the right one for a particular need. The roll-out of AI-backed new organization features will automatically group your documents and screenshots into useful albums, such as receipts, ID, and event information. With this, you can easily get what you need at any time.  

In addition, this feature will assist you set reminders in your device’s calendar for an image you clicked or a ticket screenshot. You just need to take a cricket ticket screenshot and click on Set Reminder to add it to the calendar. And you will get the same on top of your gallery on a particular day. You can set a time for displaying the screenshots or documents in the main gallery. Otherwise, the rollout feature will hide the same after 30 days. However, you can access them in their dedicated albums.