10 Things to Check Before Buying a Pre-Owned or Refurbished iPhone in 2023

By Last Updated: December 9, 2023

Willing to buy a refurbished or PreOwned iPhone in 2023, but have no idea what to do before making a final decision? This buying guide can help you.

When it comes to buying a smartphone, we have two options – Android Phones and iPhones. The iPhone is a great smartphone due to its different features and security. Further, this smartphone is costlier in comparison with an Android phone. Buying a new iPhone is not possible for everyone. So, you think of buying a refurbished iPhone in 2023.

Having a pre-owned, used, or second-hand iPhone is not an easy task. You need to be very careful and check everything to make your purchase of a second-hand iPhone worth for you. Here are the things that you must check before purchasing a used iPhone:

Physical damages

You are going to buy a second-hand, or used iPhone that could be old for years and have some wear & tear. Physical damages, if present, can affect the functionality of the phone. So, check the second-hand iPhone carefully for physical damages. For this, you can:

  • Remove the accessory such as a case from the smartphone
  • Find out scratches on its display
  • Have a close look at all the sides of the iPhone to check for dent, scuff, or scratches
  • Carefully look for the lighting connector for debris or damage

Battery health

Knowing the battery health is essential for you before buying a used iPhone in 2023. The iPhone 6 and later ones enable you to know battery health and suggest you to replace the battery if it is required. To know the battery health, you need to go to Setting > Battery > Battery Health & Charging. Through this, you should know the maximum capacity of the battery. It will help you escape yourself from unexpected shutdowns of the used iPhone.

battery health iphone

The Buttons

Buttons or keys on the iPhone must be in good condition for smooth operation. You should check them. And for this, follow the following steps:

  • Press the volume button up and down and look for its function on the screen. It will help you know whether the volume button is working properly or not
  • Press the Silent/Ring switch
  • Press the side button to lock or unlock the pre-owned iPhone

The Camera

Checking the camera of the used iPhone is crucial before buying it. To execute this task, you should:

  • Open the camera app on the phone and take a few pictures. While taking pictures, keep the light low and bright. Take photos using all the cameras the iPhone has – the Telephoto Camera and the Ultra Wide Camera
  • Have a close look at the taken photos to know whether they are sharp and in focus or not
  • Make a few videos and watch them to find any issues if the iPhone has

The Speaker

The speaker is important whether you use the iPhone to talk to someone, watch videos, or listen to music. It must be in good condition. To test the speaker, you can

  • Move the Silent/Ring switch toward the display of the phone
  • Go to Settings > Sound or Sound Settings to drag the Alert Volume and Ringtone a few times. The phone could have issue with the speaker if you do not hear any sound

iphone speaker

The Microphone

The Microphone must be in good working condition. You should check it to make buying a refurbished iPhone in 2023 a wise decision. To check the Microphone:

  • Go to the Voice Memos App
  • Hold on the Record button, say something to record and stop your recording
  • Play what you recorded
  • Be very careful while listening to the sound of the recording. There is no issue with the Microphone if the voice is clear

The Internet Connectivity

An iPhone is worthless without internet connectivity. While purchasing a used iPhone, you must know its connectivity with the mobile data and Wi Fi. To check the Wi Fi connectivity, you should connect the iPhone with a Wi Fi by requesting its access.

Parts and Accessories

A used or second-hand iPhone works well when it has all its hardware parts and accessories. Request the seller to make all parts and accessories of the phone available to you. Here are a few steps to know whether its parts are misplaced or not:

  • Go to Settings, General, and then About
  • Look for the version of the iPhone
  • Go to the Parts and Service History section after the serial number. You will see here if there is any part replacement

Purchase Proof

You get a bill when you buy a new product. It carries purchase date, warranty, and allied details. While buying a refurbished, used, or second-hand iPhone, you must request the seller to show the purchase proof to you. It will help you know how old the iPhone is, how much warranty is left, and many others.

Lock Screen

In today’s world, people unlock their smartphones with Face ID, Pattern, Pin, or Fingerprint. Any error stops the user accessing the phone. While buying the used iPhone, you must check the Lock Screen by Swiping up the phone screen and request the seller to remove the existing ID or way used to unlock the phone. It will help you access the smartphone easily.