What Is Google Go On Android

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

As a fast and light app, Google Go facilitates you to access information whether you are online, offline, or with an unstable internet connection. The app does everything in terms of accessing information for you without consuming a lot of space and helps you stay fast. Since 2017, it has been available in certain countries. Now, it is available across the globe. Users can download it from Google Play Store.  

Key Features of the Google Go App

Google Go has several features that you (users) can enjoy. Here are some key features:

  • Easy reading – In comparison with the Google App, Google Go makes text reading easier for you. The use of your device’s camera or lens facilitates you to read, search the words, or translate into another language. Instead of reading the text, you can listen to it with Google Go as this app has a read-out-loud feature backed by AI. the words get highlighted when you turn on this feature.
  • Less storage, but faster – Google Go consumes less storage space of the RAM of your device whether you are browsing a website, listening to online music, or watching your favorite videos. This app takes only 7 MB space on your device when you install it. 
  • Convenient search – Searching anything on this app is more convenient when you compare it with the one on the flagship Google app. As you open the app, the search bar appears at the bottom of its Home Screen. The central part of the Home Screen displays icons of frequently used apps or the function of the Google Go app. This app helps you search web pages, images, GIFs, and more by just tapping on the search category. You can use your voice to search.
  • Display of your favorite apps on Home Screen – The app allows you to add your favorite or most used apps on its Home Screen. You can swipe left to see other installed apps on your Android device.
  • Easy setup of your language – Google Go allows you to set the language you wish to have on your Android phone. With it, translating a website page gets more convenient for you. Setting a language option is available under Settings.