How To Set Default Voice Message On Android Phone

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

Many of you get confused with a voice message and voicemail. Except for the one sent with an intent, both voice message and voicemail are similar. The first one, voice message, is similar to a text message or SMS that you send to your known persons when you missed their calls or want to inform them on an important thing/topic for a particular day/date. While sending a voice message, you are aware of what you want to say and wait for a reply. 

On the other hand, voicemail is a frustrated messaging system that helps you leave your message when you do not pick a call or do not want to pick the call of a particular person or service. It is the afterthought. 

In today’s world, there is no huge difference between voice message and voicemail. So, you can use these two terms in place of one another. You need to set the Voice Message/Voicemail to reply instantly when you miss a call. Here, know the steps to set default voice message on your Android phone or tablet:

  • Open the Phone app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Generally, it is similar to a call receiver and is located at the bottom of the home screen of your device. 

  • Hold the key 1 after pressing it on your device’s keypad. 

  • Click on the OK option as you see the message To set up voicemail/voice message, go to Menu > Settings. Carefully listen to the instructions if the pressing of the OK button dials to the voicemail service. 

  • Click on Settings after tapping on the three dots. With it, you will go to Call Settings. 

  • Click on the voicemail/voice message option after scrolling down the displayed options. 

  • Tap on the option, Advanced Settings. 

  • Click on Service. It is the one you will see in the list of options under Advanced Settings. 

  • Tap on the option, My Carrier. 

  • Click on Setup. You will see Voicemail/Voice Message Number and Not Set

  • Enter your mobile number after tapping on Voicemail Number. 

  • Now, come back to your Phone app.     

  • Hold the key 1 after pressing it. This will help you dial your voicemail/message. 

  • Listen to the instructions carefully for the completion of the voice message setup process.