How To Screenshot On HP Laptop

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

HP is a well-known brand for laptops, desktops, tablets, and allied other computer stuff. HP laptops are famous because they last a long time, work well, and have lots of cool stuff. Taking screenshots on an HP laptop is a simple process. It is extremely useful for capturing images of your computer screen, whether for documentation, sharing information, or simply preserving a moment. HP laptops typically run on the Windows operating system, which provides various methods for taking screenshots.

Screenshot on HP Laptop with PrtScn

The most basic and popular method for taking screenshots on an HP laptop or any Windows computer is to use the PrtScn key which stands for Print Screen. Based on your laptop’s keyboard layout, you might find this key labeled differently, like PrntScrn, PrtSc, or Print Screen. The location of this key may vary. However, it is usually located in the upper-right portion of the keyboard.

Follow the following steps to capture a screenshot using the PrtScn key:

  • Find the PrtScn key on your HP laptop keyboard
  • Press it once to capture the entire screen. This will copy the screenshot to your clipboard
  • To save the screenshot as an image, open an image editing program (e.g., Photoshop, Paint, or Microsoft Word), paste the screenshot (Ctrl + V), and then save the image file.

Screenshot on an HP Laptop with Additional Function Keys

Some HP laptops have a variation of the PrtScn key that includes additional functions, such as capturing the active window or taking a screenshot of a specific region. To use these additional features:

  • Locate the PrtScn key with the secondary functions, such as Fn (Function) or Alt (Alternate)
  • Press the Alt or Fn key in combination with the PrtScn key to activate the specific function you want
  • The active window or the selected region will be captured and copied to the clipboard

Screenshot on HP Laptop with Snip & Sketch or Snipping Tool (Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11)

Your laptop backed by Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 will have either Snip & Sketch or Snipping Tool. You can use this built-in tool for a more sophisticated screen capture option.

To use the Snipping Tool on an HP Laptop with Windows 7:

  • Type Snipping Tool in the Windows search bar of your HP laptop and open the application as it appears on your screen


  • Click on New to capture a screenshot. Select a region or the entire screen as per your need

  • After capturing the screenshot, you can annotate, save, or share it directly from the tool

To use Snip & Sketch to screenshot on an HP laptop (Windows 10 and later):

  • Press the Windows key + Shift + S to open the Snip & Sketch tool


  • Select the region or screen part you want to screenshot as a crosshair cursor appears

  • The screenshot will be copied to your clipboard and also saved in the Snip & Sketch app, where you can annotate and share it

Use the Snipping Key to screenshot on HP Laptop (Windows 11):

  • Press the Snipping Key, often available as PrtScn or PrtScn/SysRq on the keyboards of HP laptops with the Windows 11 operating system
  • Take a screenshot of the complete screen or a specific part as the Snip & Sketch tool appears
  • After taking the screenshot, annotate and save it

Use the Windows + Print Screen Shortcut (Windows 8 and 10):

  • Press the Windows key and PrtScn key together
  • The screen will dim briefly, indicating that the screenshot has been taken and saved to your Screenshots folder in the Pictures library