Know Everything About Logitech’s New “Reach” Webcam

By Last Updated: November 24, 2023

A few months ago, mainly in September 2023, Logitech launched its new webcam, Reach. This new webcam enables professionals to record and share their jobs in a better way with its adjustable arm.

As per the official announcements, it is Logitech’s Reach Webcam and allows users to host interactive and engaging presentations. Users can move its arm up, forward, down, and back by just pressing a button available on its hinge. As per their needs, users can get a full 360 degrees side-to-side angles for unique shooting of their presentation, job, or videos. Its bottom base has two configurations – a typical flat stand for ‌better placement on a desk and a clamp to adjust it. This webcam is foldable. So, you can fold it after its usage for better and safe storage.  

Adjustable Arm

The cool thing about the Logitech Reach Webcam is its articulating or adjustable arm. You, users, can easily adjust its arm as per your actual need to stream video of 1080p resolution at 60FPS and click photographs of the same quality. The webcam comes with a hinge that allows you to click or shoot vertically or horizontally with just a twist of the ring on the hinge or body. It has Smart Auto-Focus that ensures that objects will remain crystal clear. You can connect it to your PC with a USB cable.       


There is no clear idea about the price of this webcam as it is only available on pre-order. When you click on the pre-pre-order option on the official website, it can cost you around $300 to $400. As per a report by TheVerge, the company initially wanted to sell the mount and the arm separately. However, it has changed its mind and decided to sell the complete webcam set as per users’ demand.