How To Stop Pop-up Ads On Android Phone

By Last Updated: December 29, 2023

You love using your Android phone for different purposes such as making/receiving calls, sending messages, watching videos, and browsing websites for different things in your personal life. While doing your favorite things on your smartphone, you come across some ads. Sometimes, these ads appear in bulk on your device screen and make you have interruptions in what you are doing. They can make you annoyed and could be malicious. To have a better experience on your smartphone, you want to get rid of such pop-up ads by blocking them.  

Stop Pop-up Ads on Your Android Phone

Blocking pop-up ads on your Android smartphone depends on what pop-up ads you get. You can stop pop-up ads appearing on your web browser app with a third-party application and some changes in the browser settings. For on-screen pop-ups, you need to make some adjustments in the settings of your Android phone. Here are the steps you can follow to block unwanted pop-up ads:

Uninstall problematic mobile applications or apps

  • Hold the power button of your Android phone after pressing it.
  • Tap on the Power off option on your device screen. And confirm that you are willing to bring your device in Safe mode by rebooting it. You can find this option at the bottom of your device as you restart your phone. 
  • Uninstall all apps (one by one) that you downloaded a few days or weeks ago.
  • Restart your phone after uninstalling each app. Try to find out whether uninstalling affected apps has helped you solve the issues or not. 
  • Add the required apps again that you have removed to address the problem/issue.  

Safeguard your android phone from problematic applications

  • Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone and open it. 

google play

  • Click on your Profile picture, which will be at the top right corner and go to Play Protect. After that, go to the Settings option.


play protect

setting icon

  • Turn on Play Protect or Google Play Protect to scan apps.

scan ads

Note – Always, keep your Play Protect on.

Block notifications from particular websites

You need to turn off permission if you notice unwanted ads or pop-up messages from certain websites. Follow the below-mentioned steps to turn off permission to particular websites if you have given:

  • Go to the Chrome app on your Android phone. It could be on your Home screen or in the list of installed apps under All Apps based on your device setting. 
  • Go to the website in your Chrome history that you want to stop displaying or sending notifications. 
  • Click on the Page info at the top and then, go to Permissions. You will not have given any permissions to any sites if you do not find Permissions.
  • Click on Notifications. 
  • Make the Show notifications go off to block unwanted pop-up ads.