How To Share Location On Android Phone

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

Whether you are late to a family dinner, embarking on a first date from a Tinder match, having a business meeting, or cruising on a cross-country road trip, Google Maps simplifies the art of sharing your current location. This feature is perfect for keeping your loved ones, parents, or watchful friends in the loop, either temporarily or continuously.

Google’s Location Sharing empowers you to disclose your real-time location for as short or as long as you desire. Once activated, the person on the receiving end gets a peek at your name, photo, your device’s location, battery status (including charging details), and even an estimated arrival and departure time if they activate a Location Sharing notification.

Worth noting is that Location Sharing remains operational even if your Location History is turned off. However, if you encounter a cautionary message while using Location Sharing, it could be attributed to a few factors. You might be in a country or region where location sharing isn’t allowed, your Google Workspace domain might restrict location sharing, or perhaps you’re just a bit too young to broadcast your location to the world.

What You Can Share and What You Cannot Share While Sharing Your Location  

You can share:

  • A place, address, or business.
  • A Street View image.
  • A directions search.

You cannot share:

  • A map with saved locations that are usually private.
  • An image or screenshot of the map itself.
  • A map showing a distance measurement.

Share Location On Android with People Who Have Google Account

  • Unlock your Android device and launch the Google Maps application. Sign in using your account details if not already signed in.

map application

  • Click on your profile picture or the initial circle representing your account. Next, select Location sharing, and then choose New share to add people.

location sharing

  • Decide the duration for which you would like to share your location.
  • Select the profile of the person you want to share your location with. If prompted to grant access to your contacts, allow Google Maps to access them.
  • Finally, tap the Share button to initiate the location sharing.

Share Location On Android with People Who Have No Google Account 

  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android phone or tablet and log in.
  • Click on your profile picture or initial Account Circle, then select Location sharing, and choose New share Add people.
  • To get your Location sharing link, tap on Copy to clipboard.

  • Share the link by pasting it into an email, text, or any other messaging app when reaching out to someone.

Share Location On Android Via WhatsApp 

  • Begin by launching WhatsApp and initiating a chat with the individual you wish to share your location with.
  • Locate the paperclip icon situated at the bottom left and click on it. Then, choose the Location option.

  • Share either your current location or select from a variety of nearby points of interest. If opting for a live location, decide the tracking duration—pick from 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.
  • To conclude the location sharing before the countdown ends, simply tap the red button.

Stop Sharing Your Location 

  • Go to the Google Maps app to open it on your Android device.
  • Touch your profile image or the Account Circle, then select Location sharing.
  • Choose the profile of the person with whom you no longer wish to share your location.
  • Tap on the Stop option.