Top 7 Ways to Fix GeForce Error Code 0x0003

By Last Updated: January 27, 2024
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Designers and game developers trust in the GeForce Experience NVIDIA graphics cards to produce optimum quality visuals at higher frame rates, particularly on Windows devices. The graphics cards with the GeForce Experience allow your PC to give its best performance. Sometimes, you notice an error code 0x0003 on your screen. This code is the GeForce Experience error that you need to fix. 

Before you move to fix this GeForce Experience error, you should have an idea about why this error happens. Usually, corrupted NVIDIA drivers, no compatibility of Windows with GPU drivers, lack of permissions to Nvidia telemetry containers, and outdated GPU drivers cause this issue. However, incorrect entries in the network adapter and no proper running of Nvidia services can also cause the GeForce Experience error to your system.   

Restart Your Nvidia Services

Step 1: Press the Windows and R keys together. 

Step 2: Hit the Enter key after typing services.msc. It will open the windows Services app. 

Step 3: Find out all Nvidia services under the Windows Services window. 

Step 4: Right-click one of the Nvidia services and select the Restart option to restart it. Tap on the Start tab after right-clicking on one of Nvidia Services if some of them do not start.  

Sort out the Network Adapter Issue

Step 1: Press both R and Windows keys together. Type cmd in the box and click on OK/press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open the Command Prompt.

Step 2: Type the command – netsh winsock reset – in the dialogue box and touch the Enter key. It will reset your network adapter. 


Update Nvidia Graphics Drivers 

Step 1: Press the Windows key and the X key together or type Device Manager in the search bar, which is around the Start/Windows icon. 

Step 2: After that, choose Device Manager by scrolling down the options. 

Step 3: Right-click on the Nvidia Graphics card after expanding Display Adapters. 

Step 4: Now, Select Update Driver to install the latest version of Nvidia graphics card.  

Let Nvidia telemetry Service Interact with Your Desktop

Step 1: Enter into the Services screen by following the steps of the first method. 

Step 2: Look for the Nvidia Telemetry Container. 

Step 3: Right-click on it for the selection of Properties. 

Step 4: Click on the Log On tab/option and check the box against Allow Service to Interact with Desktop. 

Step 5: Now, choose and click on the Apply tab. 

Reinstall Nvidia Components

Step 1: Press both Windows and R keys together to open the Run app on your device. 

Step 2: Type the command appwiz.cpl in the box. It will open the window of Programs and Features. 

Step 3: Look for Nvidia programs.

Step 4: Right-click them one-by-one. 

Step 5: Select Uninstall. 

Step 6: Restart your PC and move ahead to downloading GeForce Experience. 

Step 7: Install the program as its downloading comes to an end.  

Step 8: Restart your computer and see the issue status as the installation process ends. 

Change the Local Host Ports of GeForce Experience 

Step 1: Download and install a code editor. Prefer Visual Studio Code. 

Step 2: Tick all the boxes while installing Visual Studio Code.

Step 3: Go to this directory – C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVIDIA GeForce Experience. 

Step 4: Right-click on the screen that appears on your device screen. 

Step 5: Tap on the Open with Code option. 

Step 6: Type LOCALHOST_PORT”,3e3 after pressing the Ctrl, Shift, and H keys together. 

Step 7: Enter LOCALHOST_PORT”,60487 in the Replace box. 

Step 8: Tap on the option – Replace All. 

Step 9: Now, tap on the Retry As Admin option. 

Step 10: Exit from the Editor as you finish the process. 

Create a New User Account 

Step 1: Create a new user account with the use of administrative privileges in Windows 10. 

Step 2: Delete all Nvidia drivers and applications.

Step 3: Use your new account to download and install all Nvidia apps and drivers. It will help you eliminate the issue you were facing.