Amazon Replaces Its Android-based Fire OS with Its In-House Vega OS

By Last Updated: November 24, 2023

At present, Amazon’s devices like Fire TVs, Echo Show, and Fire HD tablets run on Fire OS, which, as an operating system, facilitates maximum Android apps. The e-commerce giant, Amazon, has been working on its own in-house operating system to replace Android from its devices for years. According to media reports, Amazon has started to use its in-house-developed operating system, Vega OS, in its devices that are running on Android’s Fire OS. 

The news of replacing Android-based Fire OS with Vega OS gets confirmed when we look at the newly launched Echo Show 5. This Amazon device has Vega OS named as OS 1.1 despite its regular operating system, Fire OS. Zatz Not Funny has reported using a new operating system in Amazon’s latest Echo Show 5. 

A new report says that it is only the beginning. Amazon is widely working on replacing Google’s OS, i.e. Fire OS, with its hardware devices such as Fire TVs and Fire HD Tablets. The newly developed operating system, Vega OS, will be in almost all Amazon’s devices by 2024, a total removal of Fire OS.  

Vega OS – An Amazon’s New In-House Operating System

Richard Roettgers says that Amazon has been working on the development of its own operating system, Vega OS, for years. This new operating system is at the stage of advanced development. Based on Linux OS, Vega OS will completely replace Android’s Fire OS that has been the foundation of Amazon devices. According to him, Amazon had already informed its partners about its shift from Fire OS to its upcoming operating system. 

Having complete control over the operating system will allow Amazon to have more advertising revenue that the company has to share with Google’s Android. It will facilitate the e-commerce giant to keep the software updated at its own pace or as per users’ needs. In spite of some fear, the popularity of Fire TVs and Echo Shows encourage developers to keep their jobs going on. In a recent PR, Amazon has disclosed the sale of 200 million devices.   

Why is This Switch of Amazon Crucial for You? 

The launch of the new operating system, Vega OS, and the Echo Show 5 is very recent news. And hence, no one can produce exact experiences or features. However, it is expected that this newly developed operating system could have better integration with Fire OS devices such as Fire TVs. It has potential to improve a user’s experience regarding the performance of Fire devices.  

Vega OS could have specific features exclusively for Fire TV that are usually not possible with the current Fire OS. With this OS, Amazon could give top priority to privacy and security features and protect users’ data. Users of Fire TV devices might have an improved experience in terms of responsiveness, speed, and efficiency. Due to complete control, Amazon may allow ‌seamless integration with its other products and services.