8 Things to Consider Before Buying a VR Headset

By Last Updated: December 25, 2023

The popularity of VR or Virtual Reality is rising fast, particularly among movie lovers and gamers. According to a report of Statista, the market size of VR is expected to increase to 22 billion US Dollars by 2025 from 12 billion USD in 2022.  

You need an ideal VR Headset if you are willing to experience the true magic of virtual reality firsthand. The experience will include in terms of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and even taste. If you are determined to have the right VR headset, know here what things you should consider before buying it: 

Comfort level 

In the contemporary world, VR headsets are available with several different comfort levels. The differences in comfort levels depend on several things like how such devices fit on different face shapes and weight distribution. A VR Headset is the best one for you if it fits well on your face without making you have pain spots on your face and has an ideal weight distribution. Prefer to buy the one after putting it on your face at a local store. As far as possible, avoid buying it online.   

Built-in display and sound

Display and sounds are the basic things that you must consider before buying a VR headset. Without them, you cannot have the real experience of the virtual world. A VR headset is available in two options – external and built-in. The VR headset with built-in display can be expensive for you. However, it offers high resolution.   

Similarly, you should opt for the VR headset that has built-in sound. In addition to being convenient, such a VR headset safeguards you from the arrangement of an external headphone. It means the VR headset with built-in sound costs you lower. Some of such headsets are available with a headphone jack that can enable you to use headphones as you wish.  


Considering the resolution while buying a VR headset is crucial as virtual reality refers to all about your vision. Clearer visibility means you will have a better experience. You need a higher resolution when the VR brings images close to your eyes. You should place a VR headset on your face to check its resolution before you buy the one. 


Compatibility is one of the things to consider before buying a VR headset. If you ignore or overlook it, your amount used in purchasing a Virtual Reality Headset will go in vain. In general, a VR headset is compatible with devices of the same brand. It means devices of other brands or manufacturers might not work with your VR headset. 

Compatibility narrows down specifications. You must check the RAM, operating system, ports on the device, and resolution with which a VR headset works well. Request to check it if you are buying a VR headset from a local store in your town/city. It will help you make your purchase fruitful for you.


When it comes to connecting devices, all of you love freedom of movement. For example, you can take your smartphone, tablet, or laptop connected with a WiFi network to any place at your home or workplace. This movement freedom is not with a desktop. 

When you are on the market for purchasing it, you will come across corded VR headset and cord-free VR headsets. The cord-free VR headset is an ideal option, especially when you look for a freedom of movement with a VR headset. Another ideal option is stand-alone VR headsets in terms of mobility or portability.   


The manufacturer or brand name of the VR headset you opt affects several different aspects of your shopping. Before you make a decision about the purchase, think about the manufacturer and its reputation in the market or among users. A highly-reputed brand always makes products of optimum quality.    


It is crucial for you to know how much control a VR headset offers. On the market, you can come across VR headsets with basic control features or complex ones. As far as possible, you should avoid the one with complex control features and go with the one that offers you at least 6 comfort levels.  


It is the most important thing you should consider while buying a VR headset. In your local market, you can come across VR headsets with a price tag of $10 to $1000 or more. A lot of factors, such as brand, required features, and freedom level contribute to its cost. As far as possible, you should value your need, comfort level, compatibility, etc., and keep the price tag aside. Deciding a budget earlier can make your process easier. 

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